Whether you’re a new mom or a seasoned pro, a low-risk pregnancy can be defined as one where there is no need for or benefit from medical intervention. Most pregnancies (92 to 94 percent) are considered low-risk. Mom and baby are healthy and there’s nothing to indicate that labor and delivery won’t go smoothly. In these situations, a low-intervention labor and delivery can be a wonderful option either in a hospital or a birth center. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) recently released updated recommendations on interventions during labor… Read More

Ginger Breedlove, Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations at Baby+Company, has a long history of caring for the needs of women across the globe. As a nurse for over 40 years and a midwife for almost as long, she’s dedicated her life to the health and wellness of mothers and children. While serving as the immediate past president of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, she and her colleagues often gathered to discuss the growing incidence of maternal deaths in the United States. After attending a conference where a speaker bemoaned that despite all the talk, there was no action,… Read More

Baby+Company midwives are dedicated to the welfare of women, both in the local community as well as abroad. When Mandesa Smith (a midwife at our Cary location) was given the opportunity to travel to Guatemala, she didn’t hesitate. Now that she’s back home, we talked with her about her experience. B+C: Welcome back, Mandesa! What inspired you to do this mission? MS: I’ve always wanted to do a mission trip, but I hadn’t really looked into it before. When I bumped into one of my former coworkers, she told me that some of the women from WakeMed were going… Read More

Baby+Company is so pleased to announce that our newest birth center is now open in Knoxville, Tennessee! Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett was on hand for the January 26 ribbon cutting and unveiling of our new birthing center, located at 1512 Coleman Road. During the ceremony, several media outlets learned about our unique, customer-focused model of care as they toured the new birthing center and top-of-the-line birthing rooms. Later that week, we hosted over 200 East Tennesseans as they asked questions, toured the birthing center, ogled the amazing door prizes offered by our partners, and enjoyed hours of… Read More

Gratitude (n): the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Over the past 4 months, Team Cary has been proud to partner with local non-profits for each of our major monthly events. We are so grateful for the blessings that have been bestowed upon us and think it’s our duty as good citizens to give back (or pay it forward) to our neighbors.  Read More

The Zika virus has been in the news for several weeks now. Many women who are pregnant or trying to conceive have voiced concerns about this mosquito-spread virus, and the information out there can be confusing. At Baby+Company, we want to make sure that future mothers are not unnecessarily worried by Zika. The best way to do that is by sharing accurate information. Read More

Baby+Company Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Cara Osborne MSN, CNM, SD, visited Haiti last month along with friends from Every Mother Counts (EMC) to check in on the progress of @midwives4haiti's (MFH's) new community birth center currently under construction. This new facility will allow MFH volunteers and graduates to provide more women and mothers with a place to receive skilled care during pregnancy and childbirth in the rural community of Cabestor. Read More

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