ah, autumn. apple picking, pumpkin spice everything, cooler temperatures, and three words that have the power to strike fear and dread into the heart of parents: daylight savings time. while we usually welcome an extra hour of sleep, having your kids wake up extra early in the morning is not so welcome. don’t fret though: this is doable, and you can – and will – get through it! Here are some tips to help smooth the transition and make it easier on parents and kids. take it slow kids are sensitive to the littlest things – as anyone who’s… Read More

We’ve all done it: when you have a baby, it’s totally normal to frantically search and keep tabs on the general milestones, to help reassure yourself and give you an idea of what’s “within normal range,” as well as to see what’s in the near future. The key words, though, are within normal range. There is a broad spectrum of typical development, and what’s “normal” can be different for each baby. After all, each baby is unique, with individual characteristics and different environments and social interactions. Yes, there are some instances where not meeting milestones can signal something bigger, but in… Read More

You’re home with the baby – the hard part is over…right? Well, yes and no. Welcome now to the world of feeding schedules, night waking, and finding your way through this jungle called parenthood. But the good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. If you have a partner, they are there alongside you, and if you’re lucky, you have friends or family who are part of your parenting team. As with so many other daunting tasks, it helps if, right from the start, you have a plan and work together with your “teammate,” i.e., your partner. Communication… Read More

Chief among the laundry list of “to-do’s” on our list prior to baby’s arrival has been finding childcare for her as we will both be returning to work after maternity/paternity leave. If I’m being honest, this was one of those big decisions that was causing the most anxiety for me. Mostly because I feel like there were so many directions we could go with our decision, all with distinct pros and cons. As I was sharing my anxiety about the topic to a very good friend of mine who lives in Canada (who is also a mama-to-be), her first remark… Read More

Confession: I have never been a minimalist. Whether it’s packing for a trip, or packing my daily purse/tote bag, I always, ALWAYS have more than I could possibly need. Which means I tend to overpack my son’s diaper bag – but somehow, in the beginning, I’d overlook simple things. Like underestimating the amount of diapers needed, or only packing one spare outfit (ha!), or packing 6 books for an infant. Now, ten months into the game, I’ve learned to pack smarter. I’m a big fan of learning what works for you, but here’s a checklist for packing the diaper bag. Read More

For the most part, I’ve been surprised by the immediate connections I’ve felt with other mothers. No one would call me a social butterfly, but put me in a room (or at a playground) with fellow moms, and within minutes we’ll be chatting about the best deals at Carter’s or lamenting the difficulty of finding a good sitter. These moms use a wide variety of parenting techniques and philosophies, many of which are quite different from mine. Usually, this opens the door to more discussion, and I often learn new things if I keep an open mind. For example, I… Read More

Have you ever wished your baby could hurry up and talk, so you knew what they wanted? Baby sign language can help facilitate communication before spoken language is acquired. While it has aspects similar to American Sign Language, baby sign language is taught with speech – it is not meant to take the place of speech, and does not interfere with language acquisition. Basic baby sign language often contains signs for people/family, eating and drinking signs, and state of being signs (dirty diaper, too hot or cold, upset, etc). Once they get the hang of it, you’re free to add… Read More

Here is the second and final installment on our infant sleep safety series. If you missed part one, check it out here. Pick the thing that’s bothering you. Is it that you want to co-sleep because you’re so dang exhausted, but you’re afraid to because of the risk?  Read More

As an educator, navigating the path of discussion regarding newborns and safe infant sleep with first-time expectant parents can be a tricky one. I always imagine it as a trail, perilously traversing the top of a razor-thin ridge. You must choose your footsteps carefully as you make your recommendations to these parents. Not only is a child’s physical safety at stake, but also his emotional well-being, and a new mom’s sanity. Read More

September is Baby Safety Month, so we’re going to focus on keeping your baby safe during one of the most thrilling milestones – when Baby learns to crawl! For parents, this moment is both exciting and scary. Suddenly, you see danger lurking everywhere. But don’t worry. It isn't hard to babyproof your house, although you will have to get used to some of the changes. These guidelines will ensure that your new little explorer can crawl around safely. Read More

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