In my Week 30 post “The Nesting Urge” I mentioned my list of “to do’s” I wanted to accomplish over the next several weeks. I’m happy to report that all the items on that list have been completed! We completed our classes, our birth center bags are waiting by the door, the car seat has been installed, the nursery is complete, and we have a freezer full of meals for the next couple of months. When we took our newborn care class several weeks ago, Lorraine had mentioned a wonderful idea. She suggested getting together with a friend… Read More

It’s no secret that Denver has some fantastic places to eat. (It ranks 23rd on WalletHub’s list of Best Foodie Cities!)  When you’re pregnant in Denver, you can find the cure for any craving if you know where to look. If you find that you suddenly can’t live without an ice cream float or a soft pretzel covered in ooey-gooey goodness, Denver’s got you covered. The ladies at Baby+Company in Wheat Ridge share their favorite spots to grab a delicious bite. (Warning: Baby+Company is not responsible for any keyboards that need to be replaced due to excessive amounts… Read More

The Breakfast Experiment Begins May 12th! If a food is considered a “healthy” one, is it possible that I still feel tired and cranky after eating it for breakfast? Can you feel the difference when your breakfast is nutritionally balanced? Can I break out of the usual breakfast grab-and-go breakfast food and find some healthy choices that taste good and make me feel great? These are the questions we’ll explore in the coming days as we eat, observe, and record our way through the Breakfast Experiment! We’ll try some old morning standards as well as some new meal mash-ups, and… Read More

I love helping moms change their eating habits! When we start making changes to grocery shopping routines, it can seem daunting to shop within a budget AND buy real food, especially when we’re not used to shopping the perimeter of the grocery store. I am frequently asked for my shopping tips, and about how to shop for a family without spending an exorbitant amount  in groceries each year. As a result, I’ve combined my real life experience with grocery shopping all around town to develop my handy guide to the Best Real Food Deals in Nashville Grocery Stores. Read through… Read More

Beautiful images of mothers nursing their newborns seem to be all over social media lately. When you make the choice to breastfeed your own child, you probably envision sweet moments in the nursery rocking chair, gazing adoringly at the sweet baby cradled in your arms. Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to connect with your newborn, and it’s the best food for your baby during that first year. But breastfeeding can be a challenge, and many mothers give up before their children turn one. The CDC reports that while 81.1% of moms start out breastfeeding, just over… Read More

Your diet has a major impact on your health, and when you’re pregnant or trying to conceive, the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you’re ingesting impact your little one as well. Babies need extra nutrients, and you may not be getting certain critical elements in sufficient amounts – even if you stick to a balanced diet and especially if you have dietary restrictions like vegans, vegetarians, and people who are intolerant of gluten or dairy. That’s where a prenatal vitamin enters the picture. You know a prenatal vitamin is good for you (and the wee one!), and vitamins and minerals… Read More

One of the most important things you can do to ensure the health of your baby during pregnancy is being sure to eat a healthy, nutritious, and well-rounded diet. However, nausea and food aversions can promptly put an end to your plans of good nutrition during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. I found this to be true for me but I’m happy to report that once I entered the second trimester, my aversions have waned and I can prioritize eating healthier once again. Battling Food Aversions in the First Trimester The first trimester was a definite challenge for… Read More

The thing about kids is that they demand to be fed. Multiple times a day, every day. Depending on your schedule and their tastes, this can be stressful, time-consuming, or a downright drag. While it’s super tempting to order pizza or take-out, there are easy meals for toddlers that are healthy, too – and some don’t even require cooking! Make even the most mundane part of a meal more fun with ezpz Happy Mats or Happy Bowls. These silicone placemats suction onto the table, but are also plates and bowls. No more tipping food over! The Happy Mat also… Read More

Purchasing produce that’s in season is not only better for our environment, but it also saves you money and guarantees the freshest flavor possible. To make seasonal shopping easier for you, we have created a list of seasonal produce for the Middle Tennessee area, along with produce storage tips so you can keep your food fresh for as long as possible. To try out your newly learned seasonal shopping skills, we’ve included a delicious recipe perfect for winter. This seasonal dish was inspired by an African staple Sukuma Wiki, which literally means stretch the week. It’s a flavorful and satisfying… Read More

Buying local produce can benefit your grocery budget, your changing body, and growing baby! Local produce is always seasonal produce! What is in season in your geographical location is dependent on the climate and the weather, so while strawberries may be in season in California in April, strawberry season does not begin in Tennessee until May. There are many benefits to local produce: food is more flavorful because it is picked at peak of ripeness, it has more nutrients because it is likely fresher, is more environmentally friendly, growing practices may be more sustainable, and more. As Baby+Company’s health coach I… Read More

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