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Lauren Hasz. Center Manager.

Lauren is the wife to an incredibly good-looking nerd, David, (tall, dark, handsome, AND brilliant) and the mother to her heart’s desire, Abby, with another baby on the way this holiday season. Some call her “whimsical.” Others call her a “dreamer.” Everyone, though, agrees that she is passionate. Passionate about exquisite coffee blends. Passionate about blog writing. Passionate about nutrition and exercise. Passionate about good books and the bookstores that stock them. Most importantly, passionate about birth and motherhood.

Her journey to motherhood has neither been the “happily-ever-after” version nor the “1+1=3” kind. Years of infertility and several miscarriages mar the road that eventually led Lauren and her husband to pregnancy through IVF. However, despite a high-risk pregnancy, she was able to experience the unmedicated, natural birth experience that she craved with the help of her doula. After (wrongly) feeling that her body was a failure, birth gave Lauren a glimpse of beauty and a foretaste of healing.

After her daughter’s birth, she left 6+ years in the education world to pursue her calling as a birth doula. Now, as the Center Manager at Baby+Company, she can say she has her dream job in her dream world.

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