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Lauren Drees. CNM.

Lauren Drees, CNM, joined the Nashville Baby+Company birth center in the summer of 2015. Lauren has been with Baby+Company since its inception in 2013. She was the Clinical Director and practicing midwife of their first birth center in Northwest Arkansas. Lauren started her career in Nurse-Midwifery at the Vanderbilt West End clinic after graduating from Vanderbilt’s Nurse-Midwifery Program. After three years with the West End practice, Lauren journeyed to Arkansas with Baby+Company. Returning to Nashville to practice as a CNM is a dream for Lauren, a native of west Tennessee, she is excited to be coming home!

The birth center model fits well with Lauren’s philosophy as it emphasizes education and empowerment of women in a safe and intimate space facilitating normal physiological birth. Other aspects of birth center care that Lauren strongly aligns with are protecting the sacredness of the experience and the transition into motherhood with the entire family being central to the care given. Believing women know their bodies better than anyone else, Lauren values the opportunity to listen and support them through their unique journey of health and wellness.

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