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Jamie Covington. Clinic Administrator.

Jamie became a labor and delivery nurse right out of nursing school at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette. Soon after starting her first nursing job, she discovered she was pregnant. She started researching other options for delivery, as her own experience as a nurse influenced her decision that a hospital birth wasn’t the best fit for her. Jamie found a certified professional midwife who delivered her first daughter at a freestanding birth center in Louisiana (which is now SADLY closed). It was an amazing experience, and she became a birth center convert. As her family was planning a move to Knoxville, she started researching area birth centers and found Lisa Ross Birth and Women’s Center. She applied prior to moving and was hired shortly after arriving in Knoxville in 2011. When she began her work with birth centers, she loved the empowerment it gave women, and getting to know the families. Now that she’s the clinic administrator, Jamie loves making sure that, not only are the clients taken care of, but her fellow employees (whom she calls family) are as well. Being the clinic administrator keeps her pretty busy, but when she’s home, she enjoys spending time with her two young daughters and rejuvenating herself in preparation for what the next exciting day at the birth center might bring.

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