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Tracy Cipperly. RN.

Tracy Cipperly-Beasley is a Registered Nurse who works in both the clinic and the birth suites at our Cary location. She grew up with a love of and passion for pregnancy, birth, and babies, and made her first career goal obstetrics. During her undergraduate years studying biology, developmental psychology, and Spanish, she was mentored by an obstetrician. She learned so much from her, but one day, her mentor pulled her aside and said “I’ve taught you all I can about the interventions I can perform. But if you want to learn about birth, to truly see and know birth, then you need to spend some time with midwives.” Soon after, Tracy did just that and she realized that she did not want to be an obstetrician, but wanted to be a midwife so that she could live her true dream of being “with woman.” Her career took a few new turns over the next decades, pulling her into information technology, pharmaceutical research, and executive leadership. Finally, she found her way back to nursing in the emergency department, EMS, and finally labor and delivery. She is currently in a Master’s program for nurse-midwifery at Frontier Nursing University, and has big dreams of how she will birth her midwifery practice. From out of hospital birth, to revolutionizing hospital birth, to political action and executive practice that will transform the entire culture of birth, Tracy looks forward to doing it all. But most especially, she is thankful and honored to have the privilege of walking with you on your pregnancy, birth, and parenthood journey.

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